Relevant Resources At Your Fingertips

As event planners, you have a bevy of experience to know exactly what works with your audiences, how to execute it and who you need to bring in as a partner along the way. Changing course to deliver a hybrid event throws a variety of curveballs to your well-laid plans. We’ve chartered the rough waters and developed the downloadable tools below to help you plan your hybrid event.

clipboards with checklists

Hybrid Events Glossary

Live Stream IT Checklist​

Live Stream/Hybrid Contingency Communications Plan Template

RFP Developer Questionnaire

Sample Event Health & Safety Plan

Hybrid Event Planner Task List

Hybrid-Ready Hotels List

Keeping Neurodiversity in Mind

This document is provided by Hilton to event planners as a resource only and is based upon sources believed to be accurate and reliable; and we have exercised reasonable care to assure the accuracy of the information. However, Hilton makes no representation or warranty as to such accuracy. Likewise, the list of third-party resources noted above are for your reference purposes only. Hilton is not responsible or liable for any liability arising out of any agreement between any customer and any third-party supplier or contractor, including those listed above, that the customer elects to hire or retain to provide services during the customer’s event.