The Event Experience

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Make It a Compelling Event

An event experience will influence attendee perceptions of your brand or organization long after the program concludes. Take the time to envision your attendees’ full experience from booking their transportation through reflecting on their impact in your local community. Identifying objectives for each component of your event will help you plan a compelling experience that leaves attendees knowledgeable, well connected and rejuvenated. Effective communication before, during and after the event fosters confidence in the attendees and ensures the event runs smoothly.

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Eighty-three percent of consumers say they miss attending in-person meetings and conventions. Seventy-eight percent say they will attend as many or more when the threat is over.

— APCO Insight LLC. April 3, 2020

Imagining the Complete Event Experience


When planning an in-person or hybrid event, providing content that’s both engaging and interactive for attendees is a must. Effective communication leading up to the event is key to fostering confidence and ensuring the event runs smoothly.


Event attendees look to business to lead in their communities and to operate with a commitment to corporate responsibility. Across our properties, we are committed to The Hilton Effect in every booking.


Event attendees are increasingly focused on wellness to thrive in body, mind and spirit. From physical activity to nutrition, mindfulness to medical attention, help your attendees thrive.


As the travel landscape evolves, attendees are looking to event planners for guidance and confidence during their travel planning and journey.

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