Welcome to the Hilton EventReady Playbook

The EventReady Playbook is designed to provide guidance, inspiration as well as tangible solutions for creating and activating engaging, safe and socially responsible events.

The EventReady Playbook is a global resource for event planners around the world and will be accompanied by the Hilton EventReady Local Pages provided by your event hotel. The Local Pages accompany the Playbook as a reference guide providing details relevant to the local area, along with hotel-specific best practices, resources and guidelines.

If you have questions or would like a copy of the Local Pages for a specific hotel, please contact your event hotel or Hilton Worldwide Sales representative.

Diary of an Event Planner

Diary of an Event Planner

Written by members of our internal event planning team, these diary entries will showcase the most integral steps of the event planning process.

EventReady in Action

Learn how others have overcome pandemic-related obstacles in event planning and activation. Understand how Hilton EventReady is here to help you plan innovative programs.

A Comprehensive Approach

Hybrid Events combine in-person activities with remote activities. Learn how to blend these two formats until we can gather in person again.

Lay out your space for meaningful connections in a variety of settings while encouraging attendees to practice social distancing and hand hygiene.

Tasty bites and sips encourage guests to move throughout your space and mingle with one another. Hilton innovations are sure to delight guests while keeping food safe.

The event experience sets the tone for all future interactions with your brand. A well-organized, thoughtful and safe program ensures you exceed event goals.

Additional Event Resources

Changing meetings and events to hybrid experiences is challenging. Let us support you through the uncertainty! With checklists, RFP templates, draft communication plans and more, we’ve gathered lots of handy resources to help you through the hardest pivots planners have to navigate.

Setting The Standard

Hilton continues to lead the way in providing guests the ultimate experience with safety at the forefront. In partnership with RB, the maker of Lysol and Dettol, Hilton EventReady with CleanStay provides rigorous cleanliness protocols, book-to-billing flexibility and safe and socially responsible solutions for the most discerning safety and service-conscious meeting and event planners.