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Inspiring menu items on display
Inspiring menu items on display

Inspired, Innovative F&B Solutions

Just as other components of events have changed, the latest food and beverage trends reflect innovations in serving and sharing food more safely. Today’s meals are fully contained and any open food is placed under shields. Portions are individualized into glasses, bowls or pots with lids and meals are self-contained in bento boxes or jars. Chefs are increasingly using sachets or individual glass condiment containers for accoutrements. Bread displays are in closed containers.

“As COVID-19’s impact on health wanes, we are likely to see greater normalization of social and economic life. Herd immunity in the United States is still most likely in third or fourth quarter 2021.”
— McKinsey & Company, January 20, 2021

The Full Culinary Experience

Inspiring Menus
Develop creative and sophisticated food and beverage offerings that deliver on Hilton’s reputation of culinary innovation. Lean into local and regional ingredients, trendy and seasonal offerings and wow-worthy presentations.
Hilton Hospitality
Adjust the service experience thoughtfully to ensure physical distancing and sanitation protocols with individual portions, attended stations and eco-friendly packaging.
Contactless Experience
Utilize innovative service methods, including digital solutions for menus and ordering, attended stations for food service and protective procedures around displays.
Community Impact
Reemphasize the locale and empower local businesses through product purchasing and placement. Reduce waste and footprint, partner with local organizations, donate responsibly and source for sustainability.
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Event Sets for Every Occasion

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Be Creative

Engagement Case Study

Hilton innovated to provide a virtual dine-around activation to keep attendees engaged when a traditional trade show dining activation was cancelled due to the pandemic.