Community Impact

Community Impact Ideas

We can help you organize a volunteer or donation event that provides your attendees with a team-building opportunity while also supporting a local community organization. ​

Hygiene Kit Building

Through our soap recycling partners, such as Clean the World, we offer attendees opportunities to work together in the event space assembling hygiene kits for people in need. These kits can be built in an interactive and fun way while still providing physical distancing options.

Nature Activities

Want to get outside? We can work with local conservation non-profit organizations to organize off-site activities such as beach clean-ups, tree-planting, or on-site conservation activations.

Meal Packing

In places where food donation is possible, we can help organize meal packing to local food banks or organizations that feed vulnerable populations.

Clothing Donation

Your donations will be shared with local partners that help those in need of either basic necessities, such as socks or professional attire so they can continue to pursue meaningful career opportunities. See our case study here.

Consider these top five tips when planning a community impact event


Logistics of scheduling the activation during your existing event. Budget, agenda, start and end times and volunteers willing to participate should all be considered.


Involve a CSR lead or executive sponsor to support and help promote participation in the event.


Reach out to sponsors or suppliers to help support the event with funds or additional volunteers if needed.


Review any special requirements such as age restrictions, liability forms, background checks etc and if the organization would require this information.


Communicate to all volunteers any pre-event preparations required for this event (including special attire or footwear) and if they need to bring anything with them.