Thrive at Hilton

This case study will examine how on-the-job exercises at Hilton Dalian, Greater China, enabled Team Members to achieve sustainable engagement and peak performance, while reducing stress and aiding relaxation and health.

The Situation

Thrive at Hilton is a framework focused on enabling our Team Members to grow and flourish in body, mind and spirit. Our journey to thriving started with a strong foundation of health, fitness and wellness delivered through best-in-class health and benefits programs for our Team Members. At Hilton Dalian, Greater China, we created an activity called on-the-job exercises.

What Worked

During this two-part activity, we invited a local health expert to lead a fitness class. The expert taught the team how to reduce stress, relax the body and keep healthy. She also shared some simple movements and strength exercises to use while at work. In addition, we provided an on-the-job exercise handbook. Each department conducted on-the-job exercises according to the handbook but not limited to it. Every Team Member actively participated in some form of exercise. They used their rest time to stretch and relax their bodies and reduce the chance of occupational strains.


Focusing and improving on the basics of Team Member well-being have allowed us to evolve the way we work to support sustainable engagement and peak performance for our Team Members.