Four Proven Tactics to Modernize Your Meetings

In this easy read, we highlight trends to keep attendees in today’s world not just satisfied with a meeting or conference but ultimately glad they went.  The secret sauce is respecting their time and making the notion of traveling to a meeting or conference anticipatory and exciting, not forced.

Brand Portfolio Grid

Learn all about the Hilton global brands with the Hilton Brand Portfolio Grid. In this document, you will find information on key amenities, average square footage of meeting space per brand, average room count per brand, and current number of properties per brand, among other details about Hilton that will aid in your event planning process.

Hilton Meet with Purpose

Learn about the Hilton Meet with Purpose platform and how we can help you execute sustainable events.

Why Delegate Welfare Takes Top Priority in 2023

The workplace has changed dramatically over the last two years. As employers increasingly shift awayfrom centralized offices, there are fewer opportunities to work and connect in shared spaces. To build and strengthen strong interpersonal relationships, it’s now vital to incorporate intentional moments of connection in professional settings. Meeting planners play a key role in ensuring […]

The 2023 Global Industry Forecast and What It Means for Your Event Budget

For meeting planners and event managers globally, the biggest challenge now is to keep up with booming business while accounting for unpredictability and external market pressures. Demand is high and expected to fully rebound to 2019 levels in 2023¹, but rising inflation means that budgets will be stretched tighter than ever. Do planners need to […]

What Planners Can Expect in 2022, Plus Explaining the “Why?” to Stakeholders

The post-pandemic era presents many new challenges to the travel industry: adapting to a more distributed workforce; mitigating employee burnout; prospecting tight labor markets to attract and retain talent; and navigating the ongoing volatility within national and global markets. Despite these obstacles, however, business travel and in-person events are making a much faster recovery than […]