Getting Back to Business

Timing is a funny thing.  Almost exactly a year after the events industry nearly shut down completely in the U.S., we received an email that kick-started discussions on our internal conferences. It seemed almost too good to be true, so we were hesitant to get excited until we could confirm with internal leadership. Fast forward 24 hours – and it was TRUE! Not only were discussions beginning around conferences again, but there was a very real and strong possibility to have one THIS YEAR…yes, in 2021.

Hilton believes in the power of personal connection. And that business is done when people come together and meet face-to-face. We put in an enormous amount of work over the past year to help our customers plan safe, hybrid or in-person events by utilizing our Hilton EventReady resources. We spent hours building these resources to ensure customers felt confident and safe in their event planning efforts. Our team could not be more excited that it’s now finally our turn to get back to producing world-class, in-person events!  

We can do this. I have no doubt. Our teams will be thrilled to learn they are going to see each other in-person and not just via the computer screen. I can’t wait to get the official green light and start planning! But, let’s be honest…what planner waits for the green light? We can’t help ourselves…the planning has begun!

Join us on our journey this year as we plan, align, organize, and execute our 2021 Americas Commercial Conference taking place in Las Vegas, Dec. 14-16.

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