Why Hybrid

Why Hybrid vs. 100% Virtual?

While the value of in-person events is an undeniable way to strengthen business and interpersonal relationships, virtual components are here to stay for the foreseeable future. Enter Hybrid Events: a much-needed strategic option for event planners that blends the best of in-person and virtual event solutions, ensuring a seamless event journey, as well as peace of mind for both planners and attendees. 

Our goal is to provide resources and foster an environment where our customers feel confident hosting and their attendees joining in-person event experiences, even if it is a hybrid model. 

One customer who recently attended our Global Hybrid event shares, 

Live events create a power, connection and engagement which is hard to replicate virtually…my Hilton hybrid experience demonstrated the partnership of proactive venues, creative production and event agencies. Imaginative clients and positive audiences can generate almost the same buzz. So, for the moment, the fusion of live and virtual is our best way forward.

Due to “screen fatigue,” experts suggest solely virtual events last only an hour, which can limit program opportunities. Hybrid Events offer solutions that provide a dual level of engagement. They give in-person attendees opportunities to further relationships and network face-to-face, while also allowing virtual attendees to interact via digital networking opportunities with all attendees, providing engagement beyond what is typical for a virtual-only event. 

Navigating the hybrid event world can be intimidating, but we are confident that the following tools, tips and takeaways from our case studies sharing stories of successes and learnings will provide you with all the information you need to plan a successful hybrid event.

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