Ground Travel

Chartered Transportation and Destination Management

Arranging private transportation for attendees can help ensure the quality of the experience meets your standards and expectations. Also, by requiring travel details for the passenger manifest, you’ll have a guaranteed way of obtaining your attendees’ arrival and departure times.

This information can then be used to coordinate guest room preparedness, welcome amenities and registration hours.

Consider arranging meet and greet services for your VIP attendees. This is a great way to provide a custom experience for special guests, and again, ensure you are kept informed about their exact arrival time to the hotel.

Many hotels have a transportation desk and/or direct relationships with transportation companies. Take it one step further and consider contracting a Destination Management Company (DMC) to manage all aspects of ground logistics. Whether you are seeking off-premises dinner transportation, team-building activities, networking ideas or simply airport transfers, a DMC can ease multiple areas of the planning process. Your event manager can supply preferred transportation providers and destination management companies to help with your event.

Car Rental

Car rental or car hire agencies are one alternative to air travel for regional and short-distance trips. For multi-destination trips in the same region, car rental can be more time and cost efficient than traveling by air, especially if distances between destinations are relatively short. Your event manager can supply local car services and preferred rental companies to help with your event.


Taxis and rideshare services can often provide quick and more direct journeys from arrival points to attendee destinations. In some locations, taxi or rideshare services are more readily available than other forms of transportation. Be sure to inquire about group billing. For rideshare, the process can be as simple as setting up a unique code, which can be issued to multiple attendees. Your event manager can advise the best options for your destination.

Taxis often have payment options via apps for easy expense reporting. Remind attendees that many taxi and rideshare services allow passengers to pre-schedule rides. This is especially convenient for early morning flights.

Public Transportation

Depending on the attendees’ travel origins and destinations, public transportation may be an appealing method of travel for both long and short distances. Transportation hubs are often located in city centers instead of the city outskirts, which can be more convenient for shorter distances. Not only is public transportation often modestly priced in comparison to air travel, but it also reduces greenhouse gas emissions, leading to a lower overall carbon footprint for your program. Depending on the method, public transportation may also be a faster option if traveling to a heavily traffic-congested destination.

Your event manager can advise you on the public transportation options available to attendees.

Hotel Shuttle and Parking

Hotel shuttle service is available at select hotels and we recommend you coordinate with your event manager to understand local availability.

Special self-parking arrangements for regional or drive-in meetings may be possible, and we encourage you to work with your event manager to understand the options available for your group.