Air Travel

May Not Globally Apply

Understanding Airline Policies

Remind event attendees of the importance of understanding individual airline policies before making their travel reservations.

Required check-in and baggage cutoff times may vary greatly depending on whether travel is domestic or international, as well as the country of origin and destination.

Advise attendees to check the latest updates with their airline carrier and airport for requirements concerning curbside and lobby check-in, clubs and lounges, face coverings and in-flight food and beverage.

Airline Mobile Apps

Encourage attendees to download their airline’s mobile app, if available. Many airlines will send push notifications with important updates including cancellations, time changes and flight occupancy threshold levels. Passengers will then have a limited window of opportunity to change to another flight, free of charge, based on their comfort level with capacity and physical distancing. For additional benefits, attendees may sign up for frequent flyer accounts to stay up to date with the latest airline developments.

Custom Programs

For international travel, research the destination or home country to see if they offer a biometric border entry option, such as Mobile Passport in the US. The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Business Travel Card (ABTC) facilitates short-term business travel within the APEC region by streamlining the entry process into APEC economies.

These programs are often available at no cost but are relatively unknown, and therefore not frequently used.

If available, these services can save your attendees from spending extra time in the customs queue. Also, remind your attendees to verify that their required documents (such as visas and passports) are both correct and valid for the planned international travel.

Travel Security Services

For the peace of mind of both you and your attendees, consider investing in a travel security service, such as International SOS, for all travel abroad.

These services can help mitigate risk while traveling internationally.

Their digital tracking systems can assist you in accounting for your attendees throughout their travel journey.