Additional Travel Services

Airport Meet & Greet and Hotel Arrival

Team Member Opening Car DoorThis service begins with the greeter, right outside of security, with clear and professional signage, to be seen by everyone arriving from that flight.

The greeter stays with attendee(s) through the baggage claim process while being in contact with the driver to pull up to the appropriate spot as close as possible based on airport regulations, assists with luggage handling, then dispatches the attendee in the vehicle.

The airport meet and greet can also signal anyone back at the hotel that the vehicle is en route as drivers cannot communicate while driving. The Destination Management Company (DMC) provides an arrival manifest to the hotel, enabling the hotel to know which attendees are arriving and when, to ensure the front desk and related services are prepared to welcome.

Off-Property Experiences (full dispatch & escorted services)

Whether it be one attendee having a private excursion with a licensed tour guide in a sedan, or a group dispatch for multiple attendees in vehicles of various sizes to an off-site event, the DMC will ensure attendees are dispatched orderly and safely.

Their services will include ensuring the appropriate number of dispatchers, vehicle escorts, signage and vans/sedans/coaches are assigned to your event and that vehicles are staged appropriately curbside so they can be spotted easily by attendees.

Hilton Hotel Greeters

These greeters help the hotel manage the flow of arrivals by greeting attendees as they arrive, working with door/bell staff on luggage needs (perhaps providing additional tagging for large group arrivals) and providing information for check-in, which is especially valuable for private check-in experiences.

Police Department Paid Detail

The DMC may engage the presence of uniformed paid detail officers (where available) to assist in movement of vehicles and safety of guests. A DMC usually needs to be approved in their destination to utilize paid detail. Law enforcement paid detail enforces the transportation permitting.  Large group arrivals and departures with luggage are also protected, especially curbside in major cities, with police presence.

Availability of paid detail is subject to current security conditions of a city. Should paid detail not be available, the DMC will endeavor to replace the uniformed officers with similarly qualified event security. Of course, all third-party security will work in tandem with hotel security.

Departure Services

Following the logistics of the hotel arrival and off-property services already referenced, the DMC will provide the same services with dispatchers for attendees departing to their transportation connections.