F&B Networking

Bonding over a meal is a social tradition as old as time in every culture, so introducing creative dining and drink options at your event can be an effective way to encourage relaxed and meaningful conversation and casual networking.

Here are several ideas on how to bring food and beverage to life in a way that is engaging and sparks responsible socializing. Be sure to hover for additional info.

Sip and be Seen

Another way to utilize reusable cups or glasses while inspiring conversation between attendees is with a cocktail or wine reception. Offer diverse beverage bars throughout the space so attendees are encouraged to mingle from room to room. They can leave the event with a keepsake cup/glass that doubles as a sponsorship opportunity.

Deliver Desserts or Small Bites

Deliver dessert or small bites to virtual attendees during hybrid events.

Individual Bar Stations

Individual stations clearly marked with attractive lighting and acrylic dividers for safety.

Travel Around the World

Create themed rooms throughout your event based on international cultures and foods. Upon a designated signal or announcement, guests will move from one room to another to try various cuisines.

Donut Highboy on Wheels

Each attendee is supplied with a table that encircles them, allowing them to stand in the middle of the table for easy movement throughout the event. The tables provide a unique icebreaker while maintaining physical distance between attendees.

Partner with a Provider

Find a partner that specializes in individualized reusable cups, glasses or bottles. Reusable beverage containers not only reduce waste but can be used as a networking method. Containers can be marked with individual or team names which can be used to drive socialization (e.g. “Find someone you don’t know with your same first initial and strike up a conversation.” “Your challenge is to talk to at least two people from three different teams.”).