Hybrid Events:

Hilton Worldwide Sales Q4 2019 All Team Meeting

This case study will examine how Hilton Worldwide Sales’ 4th-quarter meeting was successfully hosted in a hybrid setting, while building excitement with giveaway packages and a creative theme.

The Situation

For the 4th quarter meeting, Hilton Worldwide Sales wanted to do things a little differently by hosting the entire meeting in a virtual setting. 

The team did not want to host a typical video conference or livestreamed event. They wanted an interactive experience that truly engaged attendees. 

What Worked

As a result, the team produced a hybrid event using the Cisco studio UX virtual event platform along with Cisco Webex breakout sessions.

The football team theme was well received and relevant to the time of year. The UX virtual event platform was designed to reflect a football field, strategy room, locker room and training fields.  The platform offered user-friendly chat features
for increased attendee engagement.

To get attendees excited about the hybrid meeting, giveaway packages were sent to all home offices. Packages included a Hilton jersey, coffee mug and jump rope.

The majority of the team was home office-based, while approximately 30% of team members were based within proximity to a Hilton location.  Hilton-adjacent teams were encouraged to gather together for the hybrid meeting. The entire event was a resounding success with high attendee engagement.