Responsible Events:

An Event Activation with a sustainable twist

This case study explores how hosting a compelling experience and tying it directly to attendees’ ability to contribute to a cause provides education, environmental impact and wellness in one activation.

The Situation

For IMEX 2019 and PCMA Convening Leaders 2020, Hilton wanted to bring to life our water stewardship
goals in a unique, innovative way. Century Falls, a waterfall created in a video-screen installation
towered across the convention floor at IMEX while a video wall captured attention at PCMA.

The attention-grabbing waterfall brought attendees in for a total-immersion experience to learn more
about making every drop count.

Hilton partnered with Cupanion who has a “fill it forward” model.  Attendees received a reusable bottle
of their choice they could fill with one of three uniquely flavored waters onsite.

Best part – not only did the reusable bottles cut down on waste but it tracked their carbon offprint. For
each refill, Cupanion donates water to a person in need.

What Worked

Each Cupanion bottle features a Fill it Forward hangtag with a QR code sticker. The bottle owner
adheres the sticker to the bottle, then downloads the Fill it Forward app, using the app to scan the
bottle with each refill.

Every time the bottle is filled and scanned, Cupanion donates money to their charitable partnerships to
support clean-water projects. And the cost of the donation is built into the price of the bottle. In
addition, owners can track hydration levels and environmental impact.


These colorful-topped bottles were a crowd favorite. Attendees were engaged and enjoyed how such a small activation could make a big environment impact.

This experience was fun and refreshing. But the deeper meaning was to portray how Hilton helps clients
create a total-immersion experience for their attendees that’s also packed with purpose (less plastic!) alongside
thoughtful attention in every detail.