Creative Networking:

Physically Distanced Networking

This case study will examine how the Waldorf Astoria Orlando team safely supported the well-being of a long-term work team in a group bubble at the hotel with creative networking and team-building opportunities.

The Situation

Waldorf Astoria Orlando secured a 400+ room night, long-term group on assignment in Orlando. They would be in-house for three months with strict requirements to maintain limited exposure. The group bubble would consist of the Waldorf Astoria Orlando and the assignment site with stringent testing requirements. The hotel team realized these strict parameters would leave the group attendees craving social interaction with creative food and beverage. 

To help support the well-being of the group, the Waldorf Astoria Orlando team developed a plan to offer weekly social networking opportunities leveraging the pillars of the Hilton EventReady with CleanStay program. It included food and beverage that was individually served, partnered with Hilton CleanStay standards. Creative social networking opportunities were developed that respected physical distancing protocols and facilitated team building.

These activities were delivered by the outstanding team members at Waldorf Astoria Orlando who were beginning to build relationships with these guests daily over their extended stay.  

What Worked

Taco Tuesday kicked off the social networking events, with the entire group attending. The guests enjoyed the interaction, food and beverage, relaxing setting and respected physical distancing requirements.


The group wanted more! Waldorf Astoria Orlando executed two more events during their stay, including an ice cream social and a BBQ Bonanza. These events attracted highly energetic physically distanced members of the group. The events were so successful that these uniquely themed events may soon become a weekly occurrence over the remaining group stay.