Transportation Permitting

This case study will examine how timely acquisition of street activity permits, along with appropriate staffing, enabled the safe and managed use of needed curbside locations for vehicles and event activity. 

The Situation

Specific locations in cities, like New York City, require Street Activity Permits to ensure legal access to curb-space for the staging and boarding of vehicles, and/or to provide a curb area clear of parked and standing vehicles.

These permits provide temporary allowance to utilize areas that typically would not be available due to existing designated parking spaces and/or traffic regulations such as No Standing Zones or bus stops.

What Worked

Successfully securing appropriate permits in a timely manner ensured events only utilized street and curb areas legal for vehicles and event activity.

DMC, Empire Force Events (previously doing-business-as ACCESS New York Metro), provided additional on-site staff at the permitted location in advance of the intended time of use. Empire worked hand-in-hand with the hotel to coordinate details of event day execution.

As each permit application is different, based on location, date and other activity in the area, Empire worked on getting an official assessment from the city which  was based on the impact of the requested permit and required city services. Each permit application was reviewed by the Mayor’s Street Activity Permit Office.


Empire was able to coordinate the application and payment process to secure the appropriate permits to allow safe and managed use of the needed curb locations.