The Hilton Difference

Find out how Hilton’s ESG strategy sets us a part from other companies and how we are leading the industry in the sustainability space. View videos with subtitles:

Hilton Meet with Purpose

Learn about the Hilton Meet with Purpose platform and how we can help you execute sustainable events. View videos with subtitles:

Hilton Wellness Checklist

Use this checklist as inspiration to help attendees rejuvenate, revitalize and reconnect while traveling. And, communicate with participants early and often so attendees will know what to expect upon arrival.

What is ESG/Travel with Purpose?

Explains the concept of ESG in broad terms, then explores more specifically what ESG means to Hilton through Travel with Purpose and our ESG strategic framework. View videos with subtitles:


Overviews LightStay—Hilton’s award-winning ESG management system—and describes how this tool helps our company, our customers and our planner partners achieve our collective ESG goals. View videos with subtitles:

Carbon Neutral Meetings

Illustrates the meaning of “carbon neutral” and explains how Hilton helps event professionals offset carbon emissions caused from events. View videos with subtitles:

Meeting Impact Calculator

Introduces Hilton’s Meeting Impact Calculator and showcases how this resource can help event professionals quantify an event’s effect on the environment and bring sustainability goals to life. View videos with subtitles:

Travel with Purpose – Hilton’s Journey to a Net Zero Future

Travel with Purpose is Hilton’s environmental, social, and governance(ESG) strategy to redefine and advance sustainable travel globally. Hilton is committed to paving the way to a net-zero future and creating an engine of opportunity in communities where we operate. Hilton’s ESG tools support meeting professionals in creating impactful events, which in turn helps everyone achieve […]