Setting Up for Success

This month, the first core planning team meeting was held to review roles and responsibilities of the committee. We walked away from the meeting with a high-level outline of action items and next steps.

Events Team:

  1. Schedule stakeholder calls
  2. Conduct initial planning call with hotel
  3. Begin space allocation plan
  4. Refine project plan and schedule committee calls
  5. Finalize invitation list and share with core committee

Core Committee:

  1. Collect names for invitation list
  2. Start conversations with leaders to review conference objectives and determine what they want the event to achieve 

PRO TIP: Roles &Responsibility Alignment

  • It is key at the beginning of planning an event to clearly define roles and responsibilities for all parties involved and ensure alignment as early as possible.
Business Owner/Stakeholder

Initiates request for conference/event

Establishes direction on:

  • Defining objectives and approving ROI measurement/benchmarking
  • Establishes who attends
  • Confirms the theme
  • Approves messaging
  • Approves budget
  • Approves speakers, content and learning goals
  • Approves schedule of events
  • All key decisions impacting success of conference
Hilton Special Events
  • Consults with Business Owner for conference direction, goals, expected outcomes, reporting all key decisions and executes against the expectations
  • Updates Business Owner on all areas of the event
  • Alerts Business Owner to any risks
  • Allocates space according to objectives
  • Leads all the event workstreams as defined by the conference needs
  • Ensures each workstream adheres to deadlines and budgets
  • Ensure alignment across functions including corporate and executive communications
  • Provides post event executive report, including reporting on ROI
Core Conference Planning Team
  • Engages with Hilton Special Events Team to assist with day-to-day execution of the Business Owner/main stakeholders’ vision, priorities, concerns (see detail in each workstream)

This month, we also had six additional team member resources approved! In Q3, we will post and hire for a Director of Special Events, two Event Managers, and another Events Coordinator. In Q4, we plan to hire another Event Manager and in Q1 2022, a third coordinator will round out our team. 

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