Getting on the Same Page: Internal Alignment

Well, it’s official! Leadership approved the conference, in addition to several others taking place over the next two years. We have a lot of planning to get started on!

The two key areas that everyone must be aligned on at the beginning of planning are the event date and location as well as the event goals and objectives.

When deciding on dates and locations, we consider:

  1. Executive calendars. Start with executive assistants and executive communications teams to ensure leaders who need to attend are available.
    1. PRO TIP – come to the table with several date options!
  2. Discuss location options with leadership. For this event, we prioritized:
    1. Hotel availability
    2. Plan event to take place late in the year to ensure ample planning time
    3. Avoid end of quarter to not interrupt sales cycle

Event objectives are the WHY behind executing a conference. Begin discussions about objectives with key stakeholders early, preferably during the initial planning call. All plans that follow should ladder up to your event objectives. Elements include:

  • Agenda
  • Speakers
  • Content

PRO TIPS: Objective Alignment

  1. Include conference objectives in every presentation deck to keep them top of mind
  2. As you decide on speakers, confirm which objective they will each meet
  3. As you work to develop content, make sure to have your objective listed alongside the topic

For the Americas Commercial Conference, we hope to focus on our recovery efforts, fostering internal relationships, restoration of travel and live events, and the future of Hilton.

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