Building our Talented Team

This month, we received approval to hire two event managers and a coordinator. We are so excited to expand our team! After updating the job descriptions, we are back in action and hope to have all three jobs posted by the end of this week.

Two weeks later…

We are excited to bring back two of our incredibly talented team members this coming Monday! We have also hired a coordinator who will start mid-May.

PRO TIPS: Requesting Resources

  1. Create a detailed business plan showing the cost savings and efficiencies of hiring full-time team members for event management compared to outsourcing business to an agency
  2. Include items that would build an intangible case, such as:
    1. Familiarity with internal business owners
    2. Resources to work across corporate teams
    3. Alignment in messaging
    4. Building long-term relationships with existing partners
  3. Detail roles and responsibilities for roles
  4. Gain approval from key stakeholders prior to escalating to final decision makers
  5. Work with other cross functional teams that might also be requesting resources; align to eliminate duplicative efforts

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Enjoying our blog? Subscribe today to receive alerts.