Hybrid Event Planning

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Make Planning A Priority

A hybrid event is like two events in one, which makes planning all the more crucial. First, take a critical look at the resources available to you, and the limitations you face. Planning upfront for such details as audience size and technology platform will make for accurate cost projections. From the flow of your virtual event, to F&B at the site, to the content that will run during breaks, no detail should be left to chance. The extra attention will pay off with a successful hybrid event that will impress both in-person and virtual attendees.

Scheduling Pointers

Flexibility is key

Schedule your event for mid-week to ensure time for recordings, rehearsals, technical reviews, and testing.

If you are hosting a multi-day event, complete all recordings in advance, in a studio if available.

If possible, move in several days before your event for additional testing and rehearsals.

Ensure all your speakers have blocked time in their schedules for additional rehearsals in advance of your event.

Determine your attendance numbers as soon as possible, as the number of virtual attendees can change the platform you use.

Be prepared for your in-person and virtual counts to fluctuate, should local regulations regarding in-person gathering change.

Advice from the Experts

Hybrid Event Planning Tips

Food and Beverage Essentials

Work with your hotel partner to negotiate and agree to food and beverage and attrition flexibility upfront. This will help set expectations at the beginning of the planning process.

Safe catering conversations should start with your hotel partner when you begin the hybrid event planning process. Explore protocols that should be in place to ensure you feel comfortable moving forward with your venue and partner selection.

Visit our Food & Beverage section to learn more about Hilton EventReady with CleanStay safe food and beverage practices.

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Budgeting Basics

When allocating your budget, your total cost will ultimately depend on the complexity of your event. Simple one-way livestreaming can be affordable, however costs will increase as complexity increases with additions like the following:

  •   Engagement platform
  •   Livestreaming from multiple locations
  •   Multiple people on stage requiring two or more cameras.
  •   Additional redundancies (back-ups) for internet and equipment
  •   Additional AV and tech support team members


Decide on the level of risk you are willing to take before planning your hybrid event, as it can impact budget and resource requirements. Make sure to add resources to the areas that you, as the event planner, are less familiar with.

Ready To Guide You

Hybrid Planning Case Study

With Hilton EventReady Hybrid Solutions, Hilton Worldwide Sales can help you facilitate sourcing hybrid capable hotels, sending the RFP, collecting proposals and contracting. Leveraging the Multi-Site Hybrid Agreement you can easily and quickly contract across multiple hotels in our hybrid-ready portfolio. To understand how this worked in a recent event review the Pharmaceutical Company case study featured here.