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Easy Flow Of Content Makes For An Engaging Event

Engagement goals are extremely important to establish as you start to plan your hybrid event. First, decide how you want your audience to receive event content, then begin planning the event engagement details.  Engagement can be as simple as a chat feature or as complex as polling, live Q&A, photo and video uploads, break-out rooms and document sharing. The level of engagement required for your event will impact which platform you choose. Platform costs will vary based on complexity.

Set Engagement Goals

Attendees Can Engage Many Ways


From informal networking to a virtual reception, use chat room features to foster community and shared ideas.


Poll your attendees in advance for event preferences, during sessions for speaker engagement and after the event for their feedback.

Live Q&A

Realtime Q&A sessions serve to engage a digital audience and deliver event content along with the opportunity for live questions.

Photo and Video Uploads

Content such as welcome videos, session videos, speaker interviews and event photos offer virtual attendees a more personal experience.

Break-out Rooms

Invite your large virtual audience to reconvene in small virtual rooms, where attendees can collaborate and network more effectively.

Document Sharing

Making brochures, research papers, infographics and other event documents available online gives attendees an easy way to share with their teams.

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Hybrid Content Case Study

Hybrid event lengths and timing will differ by event. For more information on how hybrid event agendas and programs vary based on business and engagement objectives, review the case studies found in the Playbook.