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Why Hybrid?

At Hilton, we have always been in the business of people serving people and creating solutions for our guests. Our event planner partners have indicated, while in-person events will return, hybrid events that combine in-person and virtual attendance will be critical in the near term.

There is no replacement for the value of meeting, networking and forming business relationships in person, face-to-face. But navigating the hybrid event world can be intimidating. We hope the tools, tips and our own stories of successes and learnings gathered here allow you to understand how you can on provide safe, in-person event experiences, even if it is a hybrid model.

“Live events create a power, connection and engagement which is hard to replicate virtually…my Hilton hybrid experience demonstrated the partnership of proactive venues, creative production and event agencies. Imaginative clients and positive audiences can generate almost the same buzz. So, for the moment, the fusion of live and virtual is our best way forward.”

— Global Hybrid event attendee, via Meeting & Incentive Travel

How to be successful across the Hybrid space


Executing a hybrid event is like running two events in one. Good planning ensures accurate cost projections and a successful outcome.


Setting engagement goals is key to leaving attendees with a valuable and memorable experience. How you wish to engage your attendees impacts platforms and costs.


When events depart the standard in-person format, technology capacity, support and equipment require careful planning to support a partially virtual event.


Communication with attendees before, during and after your event is crucial to hybrid hosting success.

Advice from the Experts

Hybrid Event Tips