Mindfulness is a mental state where your awareness is focused only on the present moment, without judgment. When building your agenda, allow ample time for attendees to reset and recharge. This helps minimize distractions, ensuring your attendees show up as their best selves and optimize their event experience.

Space permitting, consider allocating a room for meditation, yoga or a quiet zone that attendees can easily access between sessions. Quiet activities such as reading, coloring books, modeling clay or knitting can offer a momentary mental escape.

Other ideas could include:

  • Invite a speaker from a local spa, hospital or college to discuss the health benefits of meditation or enriching personal development. ​
  • Invite a local wellness practitioner to kick-off your event with a mindfulness meditation session, or provide wellness breaks such as meditation, breathing exercises, stretching and a sound bath throughout the day.
  • In your attendee welcome packet, provide tips for basic meditation or stretches that attendees can do in their rooms.