We know that every event is an opportunity to make our world and the communities in it even stronger. By working with Hilton, you and your attendees can leave the places you visit better than before.​

For more than 100 years, Hilton has spread the light and warmth of hospitality to thousands of communities around the world.  Coined “The Hilton Effect,” this global positive impact Hilton has made is the direct result of our commitment to investing in new travel markets while creating personal and cultural connections in our local communities. 

Through our social impact goals we are focused on creating a positive impact in the communities in which we operate, including creating opportunities for youth, women, minorities and people of color, veterans and others.

Focus Areas

Inclusive Growth

Human Rights

Local Investment

Disaster Relief

Individual stations clearly marked with attractive lighting and acrylic dividers for safety.

Creating Positive Community Impact through your Event

Like Hilton, many organizations have their own corporate responsibility commitments, focus areas and causes. We can help you organize a volunteer or donation event that provides your attendees with a team building opportunity while also helping to support a local community organization. ​