Creative Engagement Ideas

keep Your Attendees Engaged

May Not Globally Apply

When planning an in-person or hybrid event, providing content that’s both engaging and interactive for attendees is a must. Consider incorporating some of these ideas as you design your program.

Attendee Interaction

Attendee-Submitted Content

Requesting comments, pictures, videos, memes or other content from attendees before your event will encourage participation and prepare them for a day of engagement and connection. See how this concept came to life in the Hilton Worldwide Sales event case study.

Advance Questions

Prepare questions for both attendees and speakers to respond to throughout the event via video or chat sessions. These can be as simple as, “Where is your office located?” and “What do you hope to learn from this session?”.

Interactive Breaks

At Hilton, we always encourage a work-life balance. Whether you’re having a virtual or in-person event, consider breaking up the day with a interactive break, such as a morning workout, evening reception or informal networking chat.

Experience Continuity

Ensure a similar event experience for every attendee by providing continuity across your event hotels/venues with food and beverage menus, giveaways, signage and setups.



A break is a great time to create a killer playlist! Engage your attendees to find out their favorite songs, which can then be played between sessions or during down time.


On a virtual platform, gamification is a fantastic way to keep the energy up and spur some friendly competition among attendees. This can be as simple as creating trivia slides or incorporating a gaming application like Kahoot.

Pre/Post-Event Reception

Building social connections fosters community and shared ideas. For a virtual reception, come prepared with questions you can ask attendees via video meeting rooms like Cisco WebEx, or through text-only chat room features. Get creative—consider bringing in a master mixologist to demonstrate how to make a great cocktail.

Photo Booths

Encourage attendees to snap photos together at your networking event by stationing photo booths. You can create a unique, branded backdrop, add props, and link your photo booth to social media, so attendees can simply tap and upload their photos to their social accounts.

Themed Event

A themed event not only gives attendees a unique conversation starter, but it also helps them feel like they are part of something larger. An idea for themed events could be a networking carnival, featuring food, games, and prizes, or a speed dating networking event.


Touchless Video Games

Project video games on the venue floor or projection screens to allow attendees to play touchless games.

Digital Painter

Create paintings that can be delivered digitally.

Mobile Event Application

A mobile event app is an easy way to provide networking opportunities for your attendees throughout all stages of your event.Before your event, attendees can use the chatting feature to network with other attendees and schedule meetings. During your event sessions, attendees can use the mobile event app to engage with speakers by answering polls, and after the event, they can use the app to rate their favorite sessions and provide other feedback.

Virtual Experiences

Virtual Cooking Experience

Provide attendees with a virtual cooking lesson with your favorite chefs that promotes engagement and teamwork. Talk to your Hilton contact about this unique engagement for the virtual attendees of your meeting.

Virtual Daily Kick-Off

Motivational photos, videos and graphics to engage with attendees every morning of the event.
Credit: Empire Force Events

Virtual Team Trivia

Trivia night in a virtual setting
Credit: Empire Force Events

Virtual Escape Room

A virtual spin on an in-person escape room.
Credit: Empire Force Events

Live Experiences

Incorporating live entertainment is a compelling way to get people talking and spur discussion among attendees.

Shared Experiences

A live band, theatrical performance, or famous guest speaker allows attendees to bond over an interesting shared experience.​

Bubble Acrobat

Bubble Acrobat—A gymnast who performs in a bubble throughout the reception, offering physically distant entertainment for attendees.​

Virtual Performances

With hybrid events, you can often book celebrities and entertainers virtually.