Event Communication

Pre-Event Communication

Business MeetingIf you have selected a group reservation method where your attendees are making reservations on their own, speak to your event manager to have a customized HiltonLink or Passkey Weblink created for easy online reservations (where available). 

Customize and send the pre-arrival checklist to your attendees at least 2-3 weeks before your event. Then consider scheduling a pre-arrival webinar or call with attendees to review the Attendee Journey and Pre-arrival checklist.

On-Site Communication

Registration experience

Create a plan for your registration experience. Consider day-of registration stations that will need signage, advance digital registration or a mix of both in-person and digital options.

Mobile functionality

Consider having a conference app which can be used to communicate to guests. The app can also be customized for virtual networking, connecting teams and even keeping guests physically distanced.

Signage and communications strategy

Provide attendees with advance and on-site information regarding your social media, website and mobile applications, networking and engagement expectations. Encourage the interaction you’d like to see.

Communication Templates

We’ve done the heavy lifting for you. Here are some communications we’ve developed and utilized over the last year. We encourage you to borrow liberally and make them your own.